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The process of selecting a security camera system can feel overwhelming; this form can help you determine what you need.

Once you fill this out, we will email you a quote or call you for more information. Should you need more assistance or have any questions, feel free to call us at 404-496-6450.


What type of surveillance system are you interested in?

Stand-Alone DVR PC Based DVR (gives more flexibility)

Is this quote for a client?



What quality of video recording are you looking for?

CIF or below Standard Definition (352 x 288 pixels)

D1 or Standard Definition (720 x 576 pixels)

High Definition 720p (IP or HD-SDI Products Only)

High Definition 1080p (IP or HD-SDI Products Only)

For how long do you need to archive your recorded video?

1 week of video

2 weeks of video

1 month of video

More than 1 month

Once the DVR's Hard Disk Drive is full, it will begin to overwrite the oldest footage to make room for new recordings.


How Many Cameras will you need?

Will the cameras be inside or outside?

All Inside

All Outside

A Mix of Inside and Outside

Camera Special Features

My system requires cameras that are resistant to tampering or strikes from a rock or bat. (Vandal Proof)
Required Quantity :

My system requires cameras that are designed to capture images of license plates. (LPR)
Required Quantity :

My system requires long range cameras that can clearly see a face from 200 feet or more away.
Required Quantity :

My system requires cameras that are able to Pan, Tilt, and Zoom.
Required Quantity :

My system requires cameras that are designed for difficult lighting situation, like a dark room with a big bright window. (WDR)
Required Quantity :

My system requires wireless cameras. (IP Cameras only)
Required Quantity :

Other Comments

Additional comments

Optional. Feel free to give us any more information you feel is relevant.

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In most scenarios, we will have to call you to get further information before we build a quote.

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